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Thursday, 11 December 2014

Brian’s Personal ‘Oscar’

A former Mancunian who immigrated to Israel almost five years ago has received an award for his volunteer work here.

BRIAN.FINK.ESRA.AWARDWhen Brian Fink ‘made aliya’, he carried on from where he left off in the U.K. by devoting his spare time to communal service. His years of endeavour were rewarded  last week when he was among 14 people honoured at a biennial ceremony hosted by national ESRA – the English Speaking Residents Association.

When he arrived in March 2010, Brian swiftly became involved in the-then new Karmiel branch of ESRA, whose members enjoy a range of social, fund-raising and volunteer activities, so helping the community while having fun.

His many successes include devising popular fundraisers like a quiz that first  became an annual local fixture and now a national event. He also works as a volunteer mentor for high school students working towards their English Bagrut (matriculation) finals.

Brian was nominated for his award by ESRA Karmiel’s founder-chairman, Frankie Cronin, who photographed him with his certificate. Frankie (née Linda Franks) and her husband, Mike, are also  British olim (immigrants) of very long-standing.

Back in Manchester, Brian is remembered best as a former chairman, vice chairman and treasurer of Sha’arei Shalom Reform Synagogue in North Manchester where none of his friends will be surprised about his success in Israel.

© Natalie Wood (11 December 2014)

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