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Monday, 5 June 2017

Not Just a Matter of Life and Death …!

Among the many literary and book review sites with which I’m registered is which recently invited me to critique a short story, ** Matter of Life and Death.

Matterof Life and DeathTo detail the plot would be to write a spoiler. So I’ll just say that both website and author, Brian Tate  class his story as ‘deeply philosophical literary fiction’ and that the end pages include prompts for group discussions along with an invitation to enter an essay contest based on its theme.

There are regular debates among writers and publishers as to the nature of ‘literary’ versus ‘genre’ fiction.

I illustrate with a couple of web links:

Mr Tate is offering very generous quarterly prizes for his competition but I feel he needs to examine his own work more closely before he judges that of others.

** Matter Of Life And Death is available from Amazon on Kindle ($0.99); Paperback ($3.59) and Audio ($3.95).

© Natalie Wood (05 June 2017)

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