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Sunday, 8 November 2009

Miles Of (Israeli) Smiles At Morrisons

Today I’ve been to the shops and I bought a bottle of Kedem grape juice, several Tivall vegetarian items, Yarden hummus and aubergine dip.

All the produce had travelled from Israel and was on display at Morrisons Supermarket, Whitefield, Bury, North Manchester despite a fusillade of empty threats and bully-boy tactics from the Palestine Solidarity Campaign whose members are  supposed to be staging a boycott this week against the sale of Israeli produce both at Morrisons and Waitrose  outlets. But there was no-one in evidence from the PSC when we shopped at Whitefield this morning.

Indeed, true to its spirit of communal enterprise, the only fuss at the store came just before 11.00 a.m. when shoppers and staff were reminded to observe two-minutes silence for Remembrance Day.

Furthermore,  I was able to pay in part for my goods with a £5.00 voucher from the ‘Morrisons Miles’ loyalty scheme. Afterwards, I spoke to a duty manager and asked him to pass on my thanks to his colleagues, not only for providing a splendid general community service but for supporting Israel. I do so hope my comments wend their way to head office. The year-old Whitefield branch has worked very hard indeed to please me and several warm acquaintances whom I see in the store nearly every week and all concerned deserve every kind word they receive.


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