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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Melanie–Please Stop ‘Bashing Israel’ Yourself!

Melanie Philips bashes Israel’s poor diplomacy record on Israel TV.

British journalist Melanie Phillips is among Israel’s best advocates on the world stage. She is immensely brave, superbly marshalled and an excellent writer.

However as she always screeches the case for Israel in ‘top C’ sometimes she aggravates friends instead of winning over foes.

Typical is her much-vaunted interview on Israel TV (above) where she blames Israel for living in a vacuum and having rotten hasbarah (information) techniques.

This may have been true some years ago but more recently men like Israel’s present Ambassador to the U.K., Ron Prosor and the Prime Minister’s official spokesman, Mark Regev have both done much to redress the balance.

I think Ms Phillips should shout less about finding antisemites under every bush and spend more time  in Israel where she could train the sort of youngsters I meet at school  in Karmiel who, I am convinced, are wonderful advocates for Israel in waiting. 


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