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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Palestinian Criminals-Turned-Terrorists ‘Murdered Christian Missionary’ In Israel

Article first published as Palestinian Criminals-Turned-Terrorists Murdered Christian Missionary In Israel on Technorati.

Kristine.LukenThe Christian missionary murdered during December in a forest near Jerusalem was the victim of a criminal gang which had turned to terrorism.

American Kristine Luken had moved to Nottingham, U.K. in 2009 to work as an administrator with CMJ (‘The Church's Ministry among Jewish People'). She was visiting friends in Israel when the attack occurred.

Ms Luken (44), who previously worked for the U.S. Government,  had recently had recently become responsible for Shoresh Tours, a CMJ company which organises trips to Israel.

It emerged that during the attack, her assailants carefully removed her Star of David necklace and  stabbed her in the place on which it had rested on her chest.

In a surprise development this week, Israeli Police  discovered that the Palestinian cell responsible for Luken’s death and the attempted murder of her friend, tour guide Kaye Susan Wilson. was politically motivated.

The 13 cell members are also suspected of committing 21 other crimes between 1997 and 2010.

The police say the cell's motives were initially criminal but turned terrorist after the assassination of senior Hamas commander Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai 12 months ago.

Four of the suspects were arrested in a joint Police, Shin Bet and Israel Defence Forces operation. Shin Bet have hailed Ms Wilson as a ‘hero’ for the calm way she handled the ordeal and for offering them crucial evidence to help solve the case.


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