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Friday, 18 November 2011

Time For My Obit To Be Rewritten?

My enemies may be rubbing their hands in glee but it seems that reports of ‘my’ death, if not grossly exaggerated, may have been wilfully inaccurate.

Exactly 30 years on from  her mysterious drowning in November 1981, it appears that the circumstances surrounding the untimely end of my actress namesake, Natalie Wood (nee Natalia Nikolaevna Zakharenko) are to be reinvestigated by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Office.

The Daily Mail’s online version reports that:

“Questions over the circumstances surrounding Ms Wood's untimely death have lingered for 30 years, and family members have previously asked for authorities to re-examine the original findings.

“A spokesman for Robert Wagner, (whom Miss Wood married twice), said the family trusts the sheriff's department will take appropriate action but has not been contacted about the case being re-opened.”   Natalie.Wood(Actress)

Meanwhile, your correspondent based in Israel is keeping fairly well despite the ravages of age and lives in quiet contemplation in Karmiel, Lower Galilee, having emigrated from the U.K. in March 2010.

The actress was an able thespian and a classic American beauty but had a (Christian) Russian Orthodox background. Despite my own best efforts, I’ve still got my funny little Jewish legs, thick glasses and twin  hearing aids. (Wow, to see it in writing)!

If the actress were still alive she would be aged 73 – sixteen years my senior -and I bet she’d be looking great.

But as I’ve written previously: The real interest in the movie star is her mysterious death. I was so-named simply because my parents liked it and our family name is ‘Wood’. I was born when the actress was a teenager appearing on US TV. I guess my own parents knew little or nothing of her.

So I claim to be the first, original ‘Natalie Wood’. All others – global-wide and skulking in corners of Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. - are imposters and should also be investigated by the L.A. police.


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