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Sunday, 11 December 2011

When I Was Framed – With President Moshe Katsav!



Under normal circumstances the picture above would have been a pleasant memory to savour; an historic record for the family album.

But our meeting with the then President of Israel, Mr Moshe Katsav and his wife, Gila during Succot (‘Tabernacles’) in October 2005 is now only a subject for hollow, self-deprecating mirth.

But I will not make a salacious joke, because this past week Katsav began a seven year  sentence at the Maasiyahu Prison, in Ramle, Central Israel for rape, an obscene act, sexual harassment and attempting to subvert the course of justice.

He is expected to share a cell with a former  Shas Party cabinet minister Shlomo Benizri, who in 2008 was convicted of accepting bribes.  Both men are very religious Jews.

Now I’ll direct you to an interview first published during January in the Jewish Chronicle which gives a graphic account of Katsav’s quite diabolical shenanigans. The interviewee was almost certainly his main victim.

Indeed, as one casualty  of office ‘terrorism’ to another, I salute her as a true heroine of modern Israel. I also offer my heartfelt and sincere sympathy to Mrs Katsav who surely continues to suffer a daily living hell.

* Each year, Israelis and tourists alike are able to visit the President's residence in Jerusalem during the annual open house held on one day during the Succot holiday.

Below I end on a happier note with a Youtube clip featuring this year’s open-house hosted by current President Shimon Peres.


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