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Thursday, 9 February 2012

Israeli ‘Espionage’ Couple Deported In ‘Trade Off’ Scam?

Article first published as Israeli ‘Espionage‘ Couple Deported In  ˜Trade Off’  Scam? on Technorati

Some weeks ago, radical Islamists prevented Anglo-Indian novelist, Sir Salman Rushdie, from making any contribution to the Jaipur Literary Festival –even by video link.

Now an Israeli rabbi and his wife, based in Kochi, have been deported on  charges of espionage and of working for the Mossad – Israeli intelligence.

Rabbi.Zalman.Sheor.BernsteinBut is the deportation of Rabbi Shneur Zalman Bernstein and his wife Yaffa Shenoi a bargain for the arrest of Islamic radical, Sainulabudeen?

India-based travel writer, Mark Ulyseas says: ”It could be that this is a political move to placate the right wing Muslims supporting various political parties (in the on-going elections) in the Indian State of Uttar Pradesh.

Ulyseas, editor of Live Encounters magazine and an avid supporter of Israel, points out:

“Kochi is known to be a hotbed of Islamic fundamentalists. Last year a Christian preacher was pulled out of his car and his hand chopped off. Intolerance to other religions is  fuelled by operatives of SIMI – the officially banned Students Islamic Movement of India. 

“It could be that these very operatives instigated the authorities through misinformation to deport the two Israelis based on suspicious activities because they feared the Israelis were successfully revitalizing their religious “presence” … as there has been an increase in foreigners making the pilgrimage to Jew Town to reconnect with their people.”

Moreover, Ulyseas alleges that on Saturday 04 February, local police arrested Sainulabudeen, the ‘most wanted former president’  of SIMI at  Kochi international Airport while he was trying to enter the country. “So was this a trade off for deporting the Israelis?”,  he asks.

Rabbi and Mrs Bernstein insist they were in Kochi only to run a Chabad house like that attacked by Muslim terrorists in Mumbai during  2008, when Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, his pregnant wife, Rivka and four  guests were murdered.

  • About 50 people remain of the ancient Jewish community of Kochi, which is also home to India’s oldest active synagogue, founded in the 16th century.


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