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Tuesday, 6 March 2012

It Snowed On Karmiel’s Purim Parade!

As the first warmth of Spring hit Northern Israel, hundreds of Karmielis poured onto the streets to celebrate the festival of Purim – with a snowball fight!

The municipality had trucked in tons of the gorgeous white stuff following the recent storms in the Upper Galilee and dumped it on the steps of the town hall to help carnival revels go with a swing.

The town-centre parade, which ground nearly all normal lunch-time traffic to a complete halt, was led by Mayor Adi Eldar wearing a magnificent turban and he was followed by a technicolour display of marchers, dancers, stilt-walkers and gymnastics.

I’ll let our pictures tell the rest of the story.

Best wishes for a Purim sameach – a happy Purim - from Natalie Wood and Brian Fink.



Pictures Copyright: Natalie Wood of Natalie Wood @ WoodPerfect – March 2012


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