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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Burning T.A.’s Topless Towers

IT.A.01f Woody Allen ever did decide to immortalise Israel on film, what’s the betting he’d start with Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Centre, a three-towered skyscraper complex, initially designed by Israeli-American architect Eli Attia and named after its developer, David  Azrieli.

The only disappointment of a long, leisurely festive stroll through Israel’s most exciting city was that we couldn’t make a planned ride to the Azrieli observatory. It was closed and we couldn’t find out why. The platform on the 49th floor of the round tower – the city’s highest building –  is supposed to offer  a breath-taking panoramic view of T.A. and the coast. We’re now checking out the right time to return!

Meanwhile, even to peer at the buildings’ dazzling exteriors from ground-level is also a revelation as under a high sun, their thousands of windows become starred chips in an elaborate mosaic – surely an architectural take on the complexity of Israeli society.

More prosaically, the tower is also home to an uber-chic shopping mall and an exciting open-air play area while a few miles away even swish  Rothschild Boulevard has let its hair down and allowed some of its majestic trees to get ready for winter  – I kid you not – in natty knitted jackets!T.A.13 ‘Funky’ has to be the word.


But I’ll let the pictures by my husband, Brian Fink tell the full story.

Best wishes for the rest of Succot and Simchat Torah to all our Jewish readers.  Chag sameach!


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