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Friday, 23 May 2014

The Youth Orchestra That’s A Wind For Change!

As one born tone deaf and who never graduated beyond playing Chopsticks on the piano or learning the first few notes on a kid’s descant recorder, I always listen to successful young musicians with awed respect!

So when I received  the link to the clip below, I knew I had to sit and watch it through.

The blurb tells us that “for hundreds of Israeli children at risk, Sulamot is a ladder to a better future, developing musical skills, as well as leadership, teamwork, discipline, responsibility and a work ethic”.

That is also true for residents of Kfar Yeladim, the Children’s Village in Karmiel, Galilee where  children and youth at risk are nurtured in a  loving, safe environment, so they may grow into adults who are good citizens with happy families of their own.

Now, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra has to agreed to help the village to establish a wind orchestra for about 50 residents aged 9-12. But the enterprise needs major funding – about  NIS 250,000 ($70,000) for the first year and NIS 150,000 ($43,000) for each subsequent year.

Anyone able to make a donation may contact me and I shall forward their details to Kfar Yeladim.

© Natalie Wood (23 May 2014)

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