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Thursday, 24 July 2014

Are There Terror Tunnels On Israel’s Northern Border?

Golani.TreeWhen Karmiel Mayor Adi Eldar addressed a pro-IDF solidarity rally at the entrance to the city on Wednesday, he hinted that there may be terrorist tunnels on Israel’s northern border. But the event, arranged by an army support group, was a friendly and peaceful affair, making the Police presence largely unnecessary.

The crowd included a Golani Infantry Brigade soldier with his brigade flag and among those interviewed for the clip below was an American visiting Israel on a ‘Taglit’ (‘Birthright’) tour. He revealed that almost half those intending to come with him had cancelled their plans because of Operation Protective Edge but he insisted that he felt safe in Israel despite continuing hostilities.

Those present represented a wide cross-section of the city’s residents, ranging from religious and secular Jews to Druze and other non-Jews. There was also support from passing motorists but no-one voiced dissent.

© Natalie Wood (24 July 2014)

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