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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

A Doggie Tale to Capture Your Heart!

UK-born Mark Watson says that as a child he would amble to school through a park and daydream about being chased by a shark hiding under the grass!

Watson.MichauWatson never lost his whimsical imagination – or his love of children’s stories – so it’s no surprise that when he and South African illustrator  Pablo Michau met in  Mataro, Barcelona, Spain where they now live, they decided to collaborate on producing children’s story books.

Watson, an English teacher, explains on the Writerscafe website: “We met through our children, they attend the same school and are the only English speaking kids in their class”.

As Michau is an illustrator and graphic designer  they took one of Watson’s existing pieces “and put it together. We are much happier with the result than we could have hoped …

“Pablo”, adds Watson,  “has the ability to see the pictures I have in my mind,  he has also managed to faithfully reproduce the park of my childhood, in all it’s mysterious glory”.

Milo and ZeNow the pair have come up with Milo & Ze - another sure-fire hit -  that features Milo, a bulldog who travels the world guided by a fallen star seeking the little boy who’s destined to become his best friend.

Milo & Ze is available on Amazon in kindle digital and paperback editions at:  and

Now, if you’re sitting comfortably, I’ll end with a video clip of John Quiñones reading the first page of  The Shark in the Park …. 


© Natalie Wood (20 January 2015)

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