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Friday, 6 February 2015

Does British Anti-Israel MP George Galloway Fuel Jew Hatred?

George.GallowayNo!’,  insisted Galloway during the BBC TV Question Time current affairs panel show aired last night, Thursday 05 February.

The 18 minute video clip below (shared courtesy of Simon Cobbs) sees the Respect Party MP being challenged by both  an extremely hostile audience and some fellow panellists. The broadcast was aired in Finchley, North London, where the largest majority of British Jews reside.


Just as revealing was a comment at the end of the clip from an audience member asking if the (Jewish) Community Security Trust’s newly published report about antisemitism in the U.K. calculated how many attacks against British Jews had been made by Islamist extremists.

I would like the answer and if I receive one, I’ll report it here.

© Natalie Wood (06 February 2015)

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