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Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Naughty – but Nice!

Warren.Lee.02“Never”, advised writer Warren Sanford Lee, stabbing a slab of darkly luscious cake, “eat chocolate before you talk in public. It alters your tone of voice”!

But nothing if not whimsically puckish, Brooklyn, New York-born Lee went on to take his audience at Monday’s Karmiel English Speakers Club Author’s Night through a career which has embraced a degree in Political Science and then three years with the US Army as a translator in Korea.

Next up was sports writing  for The New York Times, cabinet making, real estate (estate agency) but self-evidently most important to him has been writing poetry, plays, novels and almost sinfully funny micro-fiction. Indeed, to hear his short pieces for the first time is surely to laugh out loud.

Lee, who settled in Karmiel from the US with his wife, Carolyn some months ago, treated us to two favourites from  Harry and the Anderdonk , along with some fine free verse.  Warren.Lee.02

He also explained the background to Mala 19980, a play he has been commissioned to pen about a little known aspect of life at the Nazi Birkenau concentration camp and read a passage from a novel in  progress based on the cotton ‘famine’ in Lancashire, U.K. caused by the US civil war of the 1860s.

Warren Lee is seen below with event chairman,  Monte Mirbach.

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© Natalie Wood (11 August 2015)

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