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Friday, 2 October 2015

Walks on the Wild – and Wet – Side!

Wilder and yet more wondrous grows the free, on-street entertainment offered by Israeli municipalities and never has this been more evident than in the fun and games staged this past week in honour of the autumn festival of Succot (Tabernacles).

As thousands of foreign tourists and local visitors streamed into the ancient port city of Acco for the annual international fringe theatre festival, hundreds of Karmiel residents literally swam down the streets while revelling in the delights of a public giant water slide.

In Acco, the stones of the ancient Crusader fortress  temporarily dissolved into a ‘Great Wall of China’ – surely a nod to strengthening Israel-China trade links – while audiences also enjoyed novelty acts ranging from a skipping uni-cyclist  and a dancing fire-eater to a talking wedding cake - and a real-life danse macabre.

In Karmiel, temperatures are still hitting the 90s, so it was no surprise that skimpy clothing and even swim suits were the order of the day and that revellers were happy to queue for half-hours together while waiting to buy swimming accessories and refreshments.

© Natalie Wood (02 October 2015)

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