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Sunday, 6 March 2016

Where – and Why! - the Shepherd Began His Journey

Ishmael.KhaldiRemember the Bedouin shepherd who made a solo odyssey to the west?

Now’s your chance to see where his courageous journey began! 

Join an ESRA Karmiel outing to Khawaled, the home of Ishmael Khaldi, Israel’s first Bedouin diplomat who spent many years fighting Israel’s case against its vicious foes in the USA and Britain.

Ishmael will host the visit which is to include a tour of the village, meeting local residents and lunchtime hospitality at his family home.

According to Khawaled’s Wikipedia entry, Ishmael is well used to hosting such visits as he initiated a project named Hike and Learn with Bedouins in the Galileethat has brought thousands of young Jews to the village to learn about Bedouin culture and history. These encounters prompted his ambition to become a diplomat, he says. KHAWALED

The basic cost includes a vegetarian meal and a gift for the village children with separate bus travel costs that depend on the number of registrations.

Those interested are asked to register swiftly in advance so appropriate transport arrangements may be made.

When the total cost is known, credit card bookings may be made via ESRA: 09-748 2957 or contact the ESRA Karmiel treasurer to register and arrange advance payment.

Venue:  Village of Kafr Khawaled

Date: 28 March 2016

Time: 11:00 - 16:00

Transport Meeting Point: To be announced

Contact Details: Via ESRA Karmiel

Cost before transport:  ₪ 50 (ESRA members) ₪ 60.00 (non members)

Transport costs: ₪ 50 - ₪ 60.00 depending on number of registrations


© Natalie Wood (06 March 2016)

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