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Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Plagiarism? It’s Plain Theft!

Atlantic MagazineThe Atlantic magazine is a hugely respected literary journal whose influence spreads throughout the English speaking and reading world.

So when I learned from Book Marketing Tools that the magazine’s online edition had produced an in-depth study of plagiarism in self-publishing, I knew that  it would make a sobering must-read.

It seems that the phenomenon largely affects authors writing in the most popular genres of both fiction and non-fiction like romance novelists or food writers. But I know poets have also been the victims of what amounts to brazen theft and while I worry for all honest fellow writers, I must consider my own position. Few people have either the financial means or even the opportunity to sue their rivals. What could I do, I wonder, if something like this ever happened to me? I sincerely hope - while I continue to edit my collection of micro stories for potential publication - that I never have to find out! 

© Natalie Wood (22 June 2016)

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