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Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Should Buyers Beware the Seven Pillars of Success?

“Wisdom has built her house; she has hewn her seven pillars.”

(Proverbs, Chapter 9)

The Art of Success  suggests James Melouney, rests on seven pillars.

James MelouneyBut the 134 ‘exemplars’ of achievement the business strategist cites in his self-help book** include neither the biblical quotation above nor the memoir of British soldier T E Lawrence (‘Lawrence of Arabia’) that helped to form the basis of the epic movie named after him.

As motivational speaking is not my subject, I came to Melouney’s book as a fresh, unbiased reader. Still, as an unreconstructed cynic, I’m the one he’ll never convince.

Sorry! It’s a cliché but also a useful rule of thumb that the world’s most successful people have always had a great sense of personal destiny mixed with inordinate hubris. They are natural-born leaders, incredibly pushy and impossible to embarrass, even when proven to be woefully ignorant.

Further, I resent being fed stirring messages from people who’ve died far too young from horrible diseases as it filters through as emotional blackmail. It cannot account for the fact we all have different intellectual as well as physical capabilities; that some people are simply born smarter than others and this is why ordinary parents sometimes produce geniuses.

I don’t know Melouney but he comes across as a very personable, likeable man with a deep understanding of his craft. However I have one other caveat:

He should reconsider some of the sources he quotes and figures he lauds. I researched many of his authorities and one pair, Chet Holmes (deceased) and Tony Robbins have faced accusations of false advertising. The allegations are not mine. I am simply passing on the information  from 2010-2011 for the benefit of anyone reading this.

** The Art of Success is published by Blue Cord Books @ $2.99 (Kindle);  $14.99 (Paperback); $24.99 (Hardcover).

© Natalie Wood (23 August 2016)

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