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Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Delayed British Government Report on "’Muslim-Only’ Zones"

The British Government has been accused of “allowing some areas [of the country] to operate as if they were Muslim-only zones." The Home Office is also alleged to have delayed and attempted to dilute the contents and publication of a damning report about the impact of mass immigration on Britain.


British Muslims 2011 Census


The allegation was first made in The Sunday Times this week and repeated by the US-based Investigative Project on Terrorism.

The Sunday Times claimed that the Home Office was trying to censor a report that made “blunt and damning criticisms of ministers’ failure to manage the impact of mass immigration, integrate minorities and tackle extremism. The report, by government integration ‘tsar’, Dame Louise Casey, has been ready for months, but publication has been delayed after Home Office officials expressed ‘concern’ and ‘unhappiness’ about its content and language.”

The government was also charged with “failing to defend the UK's counter extremism programme (‘Prevent’) so allowing Islamists to freely label ‘Prevent’as an attack targeting all Muslims.

Professional sources have claimed also that senior Home Office official Charlie Edwards, revealed that the Casey report would be drastically rewritten to minimise its findings:

‘"He (Edwards) told us the Home Office didn't like it and was trying to find a way to water it down," one source said. A Home Office spokesperson refused to deny these allegations. Another source added that Edwards believed the "report focussed too narrowly on Muslim extremism and integration."

The report also allegedly overturns Islamists' assertions that right wing extremism is as dangerous to Britain as radical Islamism. In the past 15 years, Islamists were responsible for almost all terrorist plots in Britain.

Dame Louise’s anti-extremism strategy also investigates whether Islamists have infiltrated public institutions and sought to promote Shari'a law. She has claimed that some officials just 'mak[e] excuses'...'looking at [their] shoes and hoping it will go away' in the face of extremist and separatist pressure in institutions such as schools and universities."

© Natalie Wood (12 October 2016)

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