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Tuesday, 18 October 2016

What Will Larry and Kate Do Next?

Dan SoferSouth African-born software creator Daniel J Miller is not all he seems.

So it’s no surprise that when he wears his other hat as writer, Dan Sofer (sofer is Hebrew for ‘writer’ or ‘scribe’), his stories are not as they appear on first reading.

Now aged 40, he emigrated to Israel about 15 years ago and presently lives in Jerusalem with his family. So as a fellow immigrant I was delighted to see how he uses his short story, Larry and Kate to give general audiences a lighthearted and engaging perspective of some very serious truths about Israel and being a Jew in the modern world.  But what will these characters do next? Larry and Kate

Dan's fiction has appeared in Midstream magazine and he released his first novel, A Love and Beyond, last year.

© Natalie Wood (18 October 2016)

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