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Sunday, 25 December 2016


This is a terrible way to end what has been one of the worst years in personal memory.

During the past half-week, not only have there been more terrible deaths, but two individuals, who I am sure wrote and spoke quite independently, tried to explain why so many liberal western governments seem over-keen on allowing Islamist barbarians to jump through their borders and terrorise their citizens.

Remarkably, both suggested it is because of the guilt felt about how their Jewish populations were treated when the Nazis were in power. Such wickedness ‘must not happen again’.

Yet it is recurring even as I write and as streams of new immigrants - who hate Jews – anyone who is not exactly like them - continue to flood western democracies, the old cycle of hatred that never really ended begins to turn again. But this time its direction is counter-clockwise.

Indeed, as I began attempting to solve this fiendish enigma, Britain’s top universities had just been marked as “no go zones’ for Jewish students.

Baroness Ruth Deech, a former senior proctor at Oxford University and Principal of St Anne's College, reportedly stated that U.K. universities are frightened of losing potential Arab sponsors.

If accurate, her remarks will not surprise Israel advocate Ilya Meyer who claims – partly for the same reason – that there are now 52 ‘no go zones’ in various parts of Sweden where ambulances making house calls must be accompanied by two police cars.

The first, he told an ESRA Karmiel audience on Thursday last week, protects the ambulance while the second guards the occupants of the first car!

But India-born Mayer, himself an immigrant to Sweden via the U.K., maintains that the situation there caused by open borders, societal segregation and terrorism is worse even than that in many large European countries. Because Sweden’s native population (currently 9,851,852) is so small, the ever-increasing influx of newcomers is difficult to absorb, he said.

First, the left-wing government’s pro-Muslim policies mean tax revenue is devoted to maintaining new immigrants to the detriment of the native-born sick and elderly.

Next, entire apartment blocks have been seized by the authorities to house the vast numbers of mainly middle-eastern male Muslim migrants claiming political and economic asylum, or entry simply for family reunion. Moreover, most are young, angry, virile adults who form gangs and terrorise neighbouring communities before attacking each other.

Meyer, who now splits his time between Sweden and Israel, discussed the worsening situation while promoting From the Shadows, ** the final volume of The Hart Trilogy, a fictional series that depicts the real-life threat posed by Islamism to the entire world. Often, said Mayer, his story-lines are overtaken by real events and several times he has been forced to rewrite more than a third of his manuscripts.

Does he envisage the Swedish situation evolving into full-scale civil unrest?

Presently, he suggests only a collision at the ballot box, where the right-wing nationalist Sweden Democrats (Swedish Democrats) would fight against the policies of the current pro-Palestinian and anti-Israel left-wing government.

What is behind this seemingly bizarre doctrine? Arab petro-dollars again? More naked antisemitism? Some Swedish Israel supporters insist that Sweden has been pro-Palestinian since the premiership of Olof Palme. 

But Mayer, like free-lance columnist, Abigail R. Esman, writing for The Project on Terrorism believes – as I outlined above - that it is due to guilt about and repentance for atrocities committed while the Nazis were in power.

Opening the doors to religious minorities escaping war and autocracy is a form of repentance. So, too, is a hands-off approach to religious figures who preach violent or misogynistic doctrines that violate our own”, she said.

“Such approaches may ease German consciences, but they too often go awry. What, after all, are jihadist attacks like the one at the Breitscheidplatz Market if not ‘crimes against humanity’? Germany is right not to forget its past. But in trying to set it right, the country has just gone tragically very wrong”.

.So when disentangled, the dismal scenario appears thus: The horrific Jewish experience of the twentieth century continues to be both denied and exploited to succour Jews’ and the State of Israel’s worst enemies in these, the opening years of the twenty-first.

How – where - will we be on December 25 2116?

I guess I won't be around to find out!

** All proceeds from the sales of Ilya Meyer’s books benefit the Alyn Paediatric Centre in Jerusalem.


© Natalie Wood (25 December 2016)
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