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Friday, 26 October 2018

Koninsky’s Karmiel is a Very Narrow Bridge


What with disco-decibel music, two singers, dancing, t-shirts, tote bags and more bunting than you could shake a stick at during this morning’s rally, if Moshe Koninsky is not elected mayor of Karmiel on Tuesday next, then it won’t be for want of trying!


The public address system squealed in rapture, a dozen degalim blew gamely in autumn’s first rain spattered breeze and as the female soloist led the crowd through a bespoke version of that old favourite, The Whole World is a Narrow Bridge, the man himself - dressed in a fetching light blue shirt, not a campaign tee - enjoyed photo opportunities galore even wooing my husband and me by remembering us from a recent meeting at our synagogue and that we speak English!

MK09Easy to please?

Who, us?

© Natalie Wood (26 October 2018)

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