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Thursday, 8 October 2009

Flag These Racist Thugs Down!



Israel Connect Young Professionals – the young wing of the Zionist Federation - recently held their annual conference in London. 

More than 80 delegates from  15 countries came together to network, learn and take different ideas back to their communities.  They were treated to fascinating speakers from across the Israel-Arab divide.

You can see some participants above, standing proudly against the background of the degel or Israeli flag.

What a stark contrast to the thuggish antics of the so-called English Defence League – a group of lawless hooligans hell-bent on destroying the fabric of British society - who recently rampaged through Birmingham city centre in anti-Muslim rally and had the nerve to carry Israeli flags with them. This must be an exemplary case of ‘my enemy’s enemy still being my enemy’!


Ninety people were arrested in the debacle as the ‘EDL’ held their fake rally against Islamic fundamentalism, which of course was met with a counter demonstration.

The Daily Mail reported: “As terrified shoppers looked on, gangs of men and youths hurled bottles at one another and pelted riot police with bricks in the New Street area of the city, close to the main train station.

“Eyewitness, Steven Addison, 28, said: 'Some of the 'protesters' just looked like they wanted a ruck. It was pretty shocking to see, especially in a part of the city which is usually very pleasant.'

Now on Saturday next, 10th October, these same football hooligans, far right extremists and Islamophobes plan on invading Manchester with the same simple goal – to whip up fear, religious tension and violence.

Sadly, although Both Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police want this violent march stopped, they are forced to allow it to go ahead as a “static march”. It, too, is bound to end in violence.  The truth is when they attack one of us they attack all of us. 

Which is why I'm standing up against them.  I've just signed a Hope Not Hate letter to the Daily Mirror which contains a simple message: we reject the EDL's hate, we reject their fear and we stand together against the their intimidation.

Perhaps readers of this space would like to should sign up too:

Says HNH’s Nick Lowles: “We need to send the message that the EDL do not represent us - and we that we stand together for hope”.

Amen to that!



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