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Friday, 24 February 2012

Hope Springs Eternal In Israel – and London!


Video Credit: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Israel’s oasis for the Arts has re-opened a little more than a year after it was devastated by the December 2010 Carmel Forest Fires.

What’s more, spokesmen for the 150 families living at the Ein Hod artists colony in the Carmel Mountains insist that  the community of painters, sculptors, musicians, writers and stage performers has emerged stronger than ever.

Besides boasting 18 galleries and two museums, the artists have many workshops and invite visitors to work alongside them, even if they do not have the relevant background.

  • Since it was established in 1953, Ein Hod has boasted 10 Israel Prize winners among its residents.

But if you look hard enough, you can find wonderfully imaginative art even in the heart of ramshackle, ugly East London, U.K.

People are enjoying a new fad named “guerrilla gardening”  in which tiny, ad hoc ‘gardens’  are planted in potholes in dirty, down-at-heel streets. No wonder they’ve been dubbed “holes of happiness.” I think they’re  quite enchanting.

More  examples of ‘guerrilla gardening’ may be found at: http://thepotholegardethink
The music for the clip was composed by Nadia Ackerman while the photographs are by Stephanie Wolff:  and  Al Moore:


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