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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Unto Them A Star Was Born

What is it, I wonder, about the ‘hexagram’ or six-pointed star that makes it so important to such a wide variety of religious faiths and world cultures?

The merest peep at Wikepedia tells us that along with its symbolic importance to Judaism as the magen david, it is  prized also by Christians, Mormons, Hindus, Muslims and Rastafari. Moreover, it is used in heraldry, theosophy and even ‘raelism’ – described as a ‘UFO cult’.

So imagine the excitement engendered by everyone from keen kabbalists and Zionists to avid non-religious cultists of various forms, when people across India, Southeast Asia, Japan and the Pacific got an eyeful of the magnificent solar eclipse which darkened their world for a while and concluded with a stunning image of what appeared to be a magen david.

As a missionising pastor has opined:

“Whatever created the "star effect" on this video isn't really important. What is important, is that this sign was seen by billions of people from all around the world on the internet, their PDAs, and on television”.

Readers of this site won’t be at all surprised that my hubby remarked: “So, tell the Israel haters at Oxfam, War On Want et al that God IS a Zionist after all”. So, there!


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