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Sunday, 15 November 2009

How Palestine Solidarity Turned To Jelly!

Believe it! Don’t believe it! But all of us Victor Meldrew types were left open –mouthed to learn that The Israeli - Palestinian trade union Association insists that Palestinian workers and unions don’t support boycott, divestment and sanctions, (BDS) campaigns.

Both the Jewish Chronicle and Stuart Palmer of ICAN and COHAV reported variously on Friday:

In an extraordinary series of blog postings, British trade unionists visiting Israel and Palestine have learned that Palestinian workers and their unions are not enthusiastic supporters of the campaign for boycotts, divestments and sanctions (BDS) targeting Israel.

In fact, they were told bluntly that the BDS campaign is bad news for Palestinians.

USDAW National Executive member Mike Dixon wrote: “There was a discussion about the boycott and it is clear that Palestinians don’t want it – all they want is equal pay and a living.”

The communications director for the Advance union added:

“Listening to people from both communities on the subject of the proposed international trade union boycott, it is evident that all parties oppose this action.  In a meeting with the Jerusalem Municipality workers, one view from the Palestinian contingent was that a boycott would be more detrimental to the Arab workforce than any other. The reason for this was that in the event of economic sanctions, it would cause a detrimental impact on the employment levels of their community.

So I didn’t need to buy extra Sabra hummus after all! Oh, go on! Of course I did. It’s just a little bit gorgeous. Especially with the added pine nuts!


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