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Sunday, 13 December 2009

A New Spin On Chanucah!

This week I've been  host to a great advertisement for Tel Aviv-Jaffa - the Israeli city which never sleeps! But I'd love to know how any  24-hour party person flying in fresh from the UK  can get around - there are barely any maps available here to take with them.

I spent a couple of hours in the Manchester branch of Waterstone's Bookshop  last weekend fairly scouring the shelves for an up-to-date map. Believe me, the august emporium - which must house enough volumes to pave a stairway to heaven - had only ONE map of "Israel and the Palestinian Territories" in its entire travel department.

O.K., there were also a couple of standard tourist guides but compare this to the scores of maps, atlases and books available for about every other country in the area. If I were more cynical I'd start to think it's all a bit political ...

What with maps and labels, the chaps thinking of boycotts must be rolling in clover.

But it's festival time and now I'm host to a super shiny chanukiah - Chanucah candlestick -twinkling away in the top right-hand corner of this blog and adding a new light each day - thanks to

This lovely week also allows me to indulge us all in the fab. G-dcast series,  a collection of animated Jewish Bible stories run in sync. with the cycle of Torah readings given in synagogues worldwide. The cartoons, (see above) are aimed at kids  but are also enjoyed hugely by plenty of overgrown adolescents like me .

This short is part of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival monthly programme of online work. It's available until the end of the year, so let's soak it up while we nosh the latkes (deep fried potato cakes) and doughnuts!

Have a great week!


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