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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Crossed By A Thieving Book-Crosser!


Here's a cautionary tale for book-swapping lovers - and more important - BookCrossing members.

D.H.BRANDIN (2) About 18 months ago, US thriller writer, David Brandin, sent me a dedicated copy of his short story collection, The Miracle of Alvito (And Other Stories)  for review.

Some months later as I began the painful process of giving away my beloved book collection before emigrating to Israel, I left a few items at Bury Bus Interchange, U.K., via the international BookCrossing scheme.

But not everyone involved is honest! I recently heard from Dave:

"A copy of Alvito has wound its way mysteriously to the mountain town of Alvito and the buyer wants to translate the story into Italian in time for the feast/celebration of San Marino on May 25. The interesting thing is that the copy that they have was dedicated to you in 2008. How’s that?

I explained what I had done and he told me:

"That book exchange resulted in someone selling your copy on Ebay!"

I wonder how often that scam happens. Certainly it's not the only time recently that   - no bones about it -  I've been outrageously deceived by the very people in the book trade I had considered to be among my friends.

More happily, Dave also told me that the giant US book company, Barnes and Noble have included The Lodge, his latest thriller,  in their  promotional  Rising Star  sale during  June.

The website is:

B. & N. explain: "One-of-a-kind series Rising Star showcases promising nonfiction and fiction authors tapped by the editors at the world's leading independent publishing company, iUniverse. Start here to catch tomorrow's bestselling talents today".

Dave Brandin has also written the thriller, The Horns of Moses and co-authored The Technology War.

Now while I'm thrilled to tiddly bits that Dave has earned a deservedly wider audience in Italy, I'm waiting to find out who stole my copy of his short story collection. Watch this space!


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