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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Recipe For Revenge

Revenge is a dish best served cold. Mine has nestled shrink-wrapped and vacuum-packed at the bottom of the deep-freeze for two months. Now it tastes as bitter as gall.

In early May I wrote a 'test' copy-writing piece about pizza for an Israeli internet marketing company. It was accepted - after much delay - and I was advised I would be paid during the first week of June. It is now 07 July and I have received nothing.

Mr David W. of Web... could have rejected it immediately.  That was his privilege. Such decisions are a professional hazard. However, he agreed to accept it as a "favour" (a favour in business?) and arranged to pay me, first in US dollars via Israel PayPal, then by dollar cheque and finally by shekel cheque. 

I received nothing and grew impatient. When I queried the cheque's non-appearance after being told it "was in the mail", I was  warned that if I did not behave myself,  the new business arrangement would cease immediately.

Still nothing arrived and I was then advised a replacement would be sent. However, as I'm now convinced that I will never receive it, I  am publishing an exact record of the most recent email messages and recent online "chat" as proof. Should David W.'s libel lawyer require further written evidence, I can supply more. All the spelling errors in Mr W.'s comments are his, as per the original text.

Me (04 July): The cheque had not arrived by erev Shabbat (Friday). If it does not appear in today's post I will advise you of this and ask you to re-send as you suggested you would.

D.W. (04 July) : very bizarre - let me know.

Me (04 July): The cheque has not arrived in today's post. Please send again A.S.A.P. to: .....

D.W. (04 July): ok

D.W. (21:54 - 06 July):  any sign of that check? am putting in the mail another one tommrow

Me: There is no cheque. Our exchange of messages on Sunday was thus:

'Me: "The cheque has not arrived in today's post.
Please send again A.S.A.P. to: ....'

'You: "ok".'

Me: (0.21 - 07 July): Now you write that you're still to put the replacement in the post. Meanwhile, I've received yet more mail sent and delivered safely and efficiently from the U.K. via the joint services of the Royal Mail and the  Doar (Israel Post Office) within 5 working days. Why make yourself a ganuf ('thief') for 57 NIS?

D.W.: (08:58 07 July):  I am astounded some times at the hutzpa ('cheek') that some people have sometimes and extreme distrust they can also have.

You can ask (... intermediary contact ...) or anyone else I have ever worked with if I pay. I was giving you a chance convincing my client to use your article. He did not think it was approriate for his needs but he did me a slight favor. And then I get called a ganuf from you.

You should be embarrassed.

I have never stolen anything from anyone not 57 shekel or less.

I will send another check today to you and I would be very happy to have nothing to do with you anymore.

When the first check does arrive please tear it up or you will be the ganuf.

Me: (08.41 07 July):

If you did not want my article you should have rejected it immediately in early May as would have been your privilege. Such decisions are a professional hazard. These things happen. But you said you would pay me in dollars by PayPal and I set up a new Israeli account accordingly. Then you told me it would be by dollars cheque and finally by NIS cheque. You asked me to remind you to pay me during the first week in June - it is now 07 July. The amount involved is an insult to someone of my background and experience but I agreed to it reluctantly as a launch pad for work in Israel. The reason why there are many failed aliyot (immigrations to Israel) or indeed yordim ( departures) among native-born Israelis is not through lack of commitment or love of Eretz Yisroel (the Land of Israel) but because of the vile way people treat each other in business here. I am not a fool because I am new in Israel and I have much to learn about speaking and writing in Ivrit (Hebrew). I know about human nature. If you were being totally honest you would not have played these silly mind games with me over a period of two months. I've seen what people earn in Israel for articles of 1,000 words. The amount you quoted was nothing short of derisory. The mistake I made was to agree to it. However, until I receive the cheque and it is cleared by the bank you have not honoured your side of the contract. Now, David, does all this make you more than a shameless bully - and the word I dared to use in my email message last night?

D.W. (08:58 07 July): I have not time or energy to waste on this nariskiet (foolishness) I asked you to do something and agree to pay you as a favor. AS far as I know your article was not used. I sent the check and it got lost in the mail apparently. evrthing else is piontless wish you luck with your writing career

Hey, perhaps I'm still in with a fighting chance. After all, I can write a cogent English sentence.


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