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Friday, 1 October 2010

Their Succah of Perpetual Succour!

The  Jewish festival of Succot ('Tabernacles') is designed to be celebrated in a hot, dry climate.

See below a fraction of the gallery of 507(!!) pictures snapped by Jacob Richman at yesterday's Jerusalem Succot Parade.

The parade, very worthily, included a transportation and emergency services display. Israel supporters from all over the world marched with their colours down Jerusalem's main thoroughfare, Rechov Yaffo.

What most of the images here have to do with the religious festival, I can tell you not, but everyone seems to have loved the carnival atmosphere. More Rio than Rambam ? Oh, well - why not?


 succah.parade.04. succah.parade.05. succah.parade.06. succah.parade.01


succah.parade.06. succah.parade.07. succah.parade.09. succah.parade.10.succah parade.11


Compare these - if you will - with the cheerful "mustn't grumble" attitude of members of the Sha'arei Shalom North Manchester Reform Synagogue, U.K., who braved the elements dressed in waterproofs and woolly hats to spend a traditional wet British Sunday erecting the congregation's succah. Ooh, 'eck!



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