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Friday, 5 November 2010

Israel and Britain: Their Word Is Their Bond – James Bond!

Daniel.Craig.DefianceDaniel Craig is almost as well known for playing Tuvia Bielski in the Holocaust movie, Defiance as he is for being the new generation James Bond. Now there’s talk that the next  James Bond story may be filmed in Israel.

This follows a deal signed by Israel and the U.K. earlier this week after a decade of intense negotiations and which flies in the face of many attempts by British institutions and individuals to boycott the Jewish State. Indeed, Israel’s current Ambassador to the U.K.  Ron Prosor, who played a major part in brokering the pact revealed: “"Signing the agreement was one of the important goals I set for myself."

Let's hope the cuddly Mr Prosor does a Hitchcock and gets himself a walk-on part in the Bond movie as the deal makes Israel  a favourite location for

Now here’s the ‘screenplay’ according to

The deal was signed by Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his British counterpart William Hague, who visited Israel this week.

Israel's Foreign Ministry estimated that British films may start being filmed in Israel very soon. One option  being considered is shooting parts of the next  James Bond film in Israel. Daniel.Craig.(Bond)

The deal was signed after a decade of diplomatic efforts at a time when many UK cultural and academic establishments are calling to boycott the Jewish state. The agreement's financial and economic potential is huge: The British film industry makes over £5 billion ($8 billion) a year and is ranked third in the scope of production after the United States and India. 

The deal will provide Israeli cinema with massive exposure and will increase the film budgets Israel receives from overseas sources.

Meanwhile, U.K. filmmakers are already at work to produce two films about the British mandate period which may be filmed in Israel. A British delegation is slated to visit Israel in the coming months to consider future collaborations.


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