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Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Israel Hatred Doesn’t Slumber In Seattle


Article first published as Israel Hatred Doesn’t Slumber In Seattle on Technorati.

SEATTLE.WAR.CRIMES.ADVERTA Christian group in Seattle, Washington USA is marking the second anniversary of the Gaza War with a bus advertisement campaign vilifying Israel.

According to a Seattle newspaper, a group named the “Seattle Mideast Awareness Campaign” has paid $1,794 for a dozen buses to  carry a poster reading “"Israeli War Crimes - Your Tax Dollars at Work."

Although the campaign begins on Monday December 27 - the two-year anniversary of  Operation Cast Lead - Ed Mast, a spokesperson for the SMAC, insists that it is an anti-Israel message, but one designed to generate discussion and awareness.

He said: "I wouldn't say it's an anti-Israel message … we would like Israel to stop violating human rights. We would like Israel to give equal rights to its Palestinian citizens and its Palestinian subjects who live under occupation”.

But a ‘dismayed’  Hilary Bernstein, Community Director at the Pacific Northwest office of the Anti-Defamation League says the campaign is grotesquely one-sided.

"Citizens young and old will be seeing this sort of propaganda, this very one-sided distortion. It's unfortunate," she said.

But the row looks certain to continue as a spokeswoman for the local transport authority says that while the campaign may offend some people, the poster does not contravene any advertising standards and will be allowed to go ahead.


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