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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Hey, Hey ~ It’s A Monkey T-Shirt!


This great little t-shirt was made in Honduras and imported to the U.K. via Mexico. It then wended its way to me in Karmiel, Northern Israel  courtesy of  Sheffield-based Tshirt

So who more appropriate as model than tourism professional Simcha Hoffman, as she ‘imported’ herself to Israel from Mexico City during December 2009!SIMCHA.T-SHIRT.006

Multi-lingual Simcha has also worked as a librarian, researcher, photographer, teacher, translator,  and even  in movie festival P.R. She now looks forward to wearing this zany, bright and serviceable tee when she returns to Mexico for a couple of months to catch up with old friends. provides first class silk screen printing for personalised T shirts, hooded tops, sweatshirts and, workwear.

The company offers competitive pricing for quantities ranging from one dozen to 100,000 items in a wide selection of garments and colours with speedy completion and delivery.

  • More details via a U.K. free-phone number: 0800 046 7633.


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