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Friday, 11 March 2011

Sex ‘Just Like Skipping’ – Learn About It At School!

This piece first appeared as “Sex ‘Just Like Skipping’ – Learn About It At School!” on Technorati.

Abandoned.Trailer.Cleveland.TexasOn the day Americans reeled over revelations about the teenage gang-rape of an 11-year-old Texan schoolgirl, lurid details emerged about a paedophile-led satanic sex cult in Wales, U.K.

The same 24 hours  saw further outrage in Britain over news of five-year-old school children  being exposed to graphic sex education,  with material comparing the experience to ‘skipping’.

The Thanksgiving attack on the unnamed victim in Cleveland, Texas was filmed by the perpetrators on their  mobile phone cameras but the case was exposed only when one of her classmates alerted a teacher to the evidence.

In an uncanny echo  of Jodie Foster’s Oscar-winning portrayal of Sarah Tobias in The Accused, the girl was raped by 18 young men and teenage boys in an abandoned trailer. Jodie.Foster

It has been claimed that the she was over-sexualised, dressed older than her age, wearing clothes and makeup more appropriate to a woman in her 20s.  Further, the girl had often been seen  in the town’s rundown area of “The Quarters” before the incident, fraternising with teenage boys at a playground.

The police affidavit states that the assaults occurred in a house and an abandoned trailer and that the girl was forced to undress and threatened with being beaten if she did not comply.

Meanwhile in the U.K., members of a satanic cult in Kidwelly, a seaside town in West Wales, were  on Wednesday found guilty of raping and performing a series of perverted sex acts on children and adults.Colin.Batley

The self-named ‘high priest’ of the group which indulged in occult rites is 48-year-old Colin Batley, who with five other alleged members insisted during the five-week trial that no cult had ever existed.

But their claims were dismissed when Batley was found guilty  of more than two dozen acts of sexual perversion linked to his activities in the cult. Three women, including Batley’s wife, were also found guilty of sex-related charges. The trial jury is still deliberating over further allegations and individuals involved in the case.

Further to the two criminal cases, The Christian Institute in Britain has claimed that very young school children are being exposed to explicit sex education lessons before they are ready, leading to the over-sexualisation of childhood.

According to the report in the Daily Telegraph, The Christian Institute research revealed one book aimed at five-year-olds containing cartoon images of a couple having sexual intercourse and another comparing sex to skipping. A further book intended for children barely older referred to ‘anal intercourse’ and ‘oral sex’.

All these stories are related as they highlight the preternatural sexualisation of young children and their brutalisation.

It is a pity that the so-called school material has been publicised by a religious organisation as it is a grave matter of common decency – and common sense – which affects everyone, whatever their spiritual beliefs.

Young children are asexual; they do not leave ‘Eden’ until early puberty and it is only the late 20th century’s rank commercialisation of sex that has forced children to think about such matters long before they have the emotional maturity to cope.




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