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Sunday, 10 April 2011

Liars, Damned Liars and the BBC

Lies, Damned Lies and …

Accusations of the BBC’s total lack of impartially grow wilder and louder by the day. Peculiarly, the complaints centre not just on the Israel-Arab conflict but on many different aspects of British life from party politics to sport.

The above  clip, taken from the Corporation’s flagship television news magazine show, Panorama is risibly transparent in its disingenuous bias towards the Palestinian cause.

But instead of offering more and more statistics about the M.E., I will instead illustrate the growing trend with a story about the fury BBC Television engendered yesterday with its false account of what happened at the Grand National horse race:

The BBC One commentary avoided mentioning the deaths of two horses during the famous event, describing the corpses as ’obstacles’ on the course’”.

According to the, the row erupted because:

“The race had to bypass two fences on the second lap of the Aintree course because a horse had fallen at each one on the first lap, causing them fatal injuries … Even on the television re-run of the race, which follows almost immediately after the finish, there was no mention of the dead horses.”

After the race, many viewers were harshly critical of how the BBC news-team handled the event, accusing journalists of a ‘cover-up’. The alleged whitewash is all the more extraordinary as it was possibly the first time in Grand National history that “two fences were bypassed after fallers.”

So debate the price of eggs, the state of the economy or how you placed your bet at one of the most prestigious race meetings of the year, viewers and listeners may be sure that the BBC will offer its own utterly biased, one-sided opinion.



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