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Sunday, 10 April 2011

24-Hour TV News Channel For Israel?

Israel may yet have its own rolling 24 hour news channel.

The possibility was aired at a Bar Ilan University conference which examined “Israel’s Global Image Crisis”

If the “phenomenally expensive” project gets off the ground it will be due to Keren  Hayesod (Israel’s central fundraising organisation) and Dr Alexander Mashkevich, president of the organisation’s annual Jewish Leadership Conference in Washington.


(Israeli President Shimon Peres pictured with Harvey Wolfe and  Mark Leibler shown at the presentation of the Israel Goldstein Prize for Distinguished Leadership to Mr Wolfe.)

During the conference, Dr Mashkevich announced his intention to establish a “a pro-Israel communication media, that will transmit, in the format of international news channels like Al Jazeera, and the BBC.

"Unfortunately, in the current situation, most of the channels just do not tell the truth about Israel … every day that passes, we are losing the war on the country's image."

"It is not possible that Israel should not have a television channel such as channels that operate in countries like the United States, Britain and Russia.  The establishment of such a channel is now imperative and necessary, and does not require thinking of forming it from zero, since such models already exist along which we can operate," said Dr Mashkevich.


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