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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

‘Flotilla Megilla’ Turns Nasty!

Article first published as ‘Flotilla Megilla’ Turns Nasty! on Technorati.

A group sailing in the second ‘humanitarian aid’ flotilla to Gaza have declared publicly that they intend to kill Israeli soldiers.

The statements were made during a public meeting by passengers on the U.S. ship, Audacity of Hope.

There is clear intelligence information that they will use sulphuric acid on Israeli soldiers but the plan is as dangerous for the protestors as it is for the intended victims because  the material is highly inflammable.

Stuart Palmer, a British-born high profile  advocate for Israel and Director of the International Citizens Action Network  has urged supporters to help to expose the criminal intent of the activists on the eight-ten vessels involved and to explain how Israel will defend international law.

He says in a message to supporters:

“We have 72 hours ... information will be sent that will identify and delegitimise the activists who have decided to embark on a criminal venture as an act of provocation. By Thursday, there will be information on how Israel will ensure its authority in maintaining the legal measures required to maintain its security.


“A situation room has been set up and information is to be relayed as it happens... Please use your contacts to instantly relay on-going details and breaking news in order to expose the criminal intent of the activists and how Israel will defend international law.

Mr Palmer who attended an Israel Defence Forces’ briefing about the flotilla reports:

  • The organisations running this operation are nearly all directly   or indirectly connected to Hamas. However,   there is not the coordination of   the groups as was the case with IHH from Turkey last   year.
  • A new form of transmitting information in real time has been   developed so that film of any action can be made available within 25 minutes  - from the Israeli   vessels !!
  • Foreign journalists with Israeli journalists will be   embedded on an Israeli vessel and be allowed to use the same transmission   equipment to get their message   out.


Below are pictures of the weapons found on the Mavi Marmara Ship in May last year. When IDF soldiers attempted to board the vessel and redirect it to the port at Ashdod, the activists on board lynched them  in a planned attack, using knives, metal rods, firebombs and other weapons.

IDF.Weapons.Mavi.MamaraNine activists were killed and seven IDF soldiers were wounded. All casualties were evacuated from the ship and taken to hospitals in Israel.








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