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Saturday, 7 January 2012

Why Dickens Is Well In – One Of The Israeli Fam-ily!

The Brilliance of Dickens Lives On

Fagin.George.CruikshankCharles Dickens created one of the best known Jewish villains in literary history. So deeply entrenched in the public psyche is the character invented by the novelist and as illustrated by George Cruikshank that people who have never met Jews imagine we all look and think like their conception.

But this won’t stop the British Council Israel from marking the 200th anniversary of  Dickens’ birth.

I’m thrilled by this move – not only because the Council strives to promote English language and Charles.Dickensliterature in Israel while so many in the international Arts world simply vilify the Jewish State.

I am particularly enthusiastic because I’ve just watched  Roman Polanski’s version of Oliver Twist (for the third time!) on television here in Israel and ache to share the experience with the Bagrut (matriculation) students I meet as a volunteer English teacher at the P’sagot School in Karmiel.

I didn’t much care for Polanski’s film on a first viewing at the cinema. But I now see its power as a fresh piece of art created from Dickens’ original and marvel at  Ben Kingsley’s almost sympathetic portrayal of  Fagin, especially in the penultimate prison scene.

George.CruikshankPerhaps this will be discussed by Jeremy Hamer, an expert in teaching English as a second language and violinist, Steve Bingham when they visit Israel from 11 - 14 February for a series of lectures and also give performances of a  musical theatrical show, incorporating some of Dickens’ most famous works.

Meanwhile, school activities throughout Israel will include creative and interactive events, allowing students to study Dickens’ life and work. Teachers will take part in workshops and use resources like prepared lesson plans and short films about famous Dickens’ characters. Fagin,Ben.Kingsley

As a taster, here’s a previous performance at a Touchable Dreams seminar.



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