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Saturday, 7 April 2012

Truly Wafted Here From Paradise?

Way back in the 1970s,  when Campari aperitifs were all the rage, they became yet more popular via a British television advertising campaign featuring fashion model-turned-actress Lorraine Chase. Lorraine.Chase

“Were you truly wafted here from paradise?” asked her posh boyfriend as they sipped pre-dinner cocktails. “Nah,” retorted Chase - whose corncrake Cockney accent belied her sophisticated looks  - “Luton Airport”.

It’s fortunate that good-natured Chase didn’t take herself too seriously  as there’s now a large section of the real-life Luton population which  is totally bereft of humour and hell-bent on destroying its traditional culture.

The problem has been highlighted by another television personality, Stacey Dooley who was Luton-born, once worked at the airport and has produced a documentary highlighting the problem. She says:

Stacey.Dooley“This is a culture clash. The problem with this specific sub-population of people is that their culture and beliefs never have, and never will be in harmony with those values that are European.

“This is what this very rapidly increasing, non-indigenous sub-population of the UK wants for Britain .... Sharia law, Sharia courts, death for gay men and women, death for adultery, death for unbelievers, death for apostasy, amputation for theft, subjugation of women, animal cruelty and child cruelty.”

* The clip below comes from  My Hometown Fanatics, broadcast on BBC Three during February this year, where Dooley is seen in Luton talking to Islamists and the English Defence League.

The islamification of Britiain as seen in Luton


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