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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Palestinians At Shakespeare Fest ‘Not Worried’ About Israelis

It seems to me that Israel’s Habima Theatre worries much more for its Palestinian counterpart than is quite necessary.

Yesterday I recalled how Habima producer. Ruth Ton had said: “It's a blessing that we can both take part (in the international Shakespeare Festival) … We are always looking for collaborations which will help with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict … "It's a very obvious choice – and the challenge now is to work on a production (The Merchant of Venice) within the Globe's traditional set and lighting.’”

However, Conall Morrison, director of  the Palestinian Ashtar Theatre says his performers had not discussed the Israeli theatre company. Indeed. Israeli daily, Israel Today quotes him as saying:


“Every aspect of their [Palestinians’] existence is very, very politicized; what crops they can grow in their back garden is literally controlled by the military occupation, and so on, … we [the group] didn't spend time talking about Habima or something like that, you know. The guys had stuff to get on with ... They brought their political experience and their awareness of all the different Middle Eastern regimes to bear with this play (Richard II), you know. These guys know what their situation is; they know what their relationship with Israel is; they don't need to discuss it too much."

Hmm! O.K.! I see. That’s all right, then!


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