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Saturday, 23 February 2013

How To Swing At Purim – Just Like That!

There must be as many variations of Purim festivities as there are places worldwide where Jews enjoy them.  But some things are universal: we all wear fancy dress, swap presents, get tipsy and attend synagogue to hear the story read from a scroll relating how our forebears in ancient Persia were rescued from near annihilation.

This year our own party began early with a visit to a favourite watering hole – The Khan of the White Donkey at Tzfat  – which hosted an unusual evening of Indian music, dance and food. Imagine our pleased surprise when we realised that the dancer, a young Korean, had been a fellow student during our days learning spoken Hebrew at ulpan.

The fun continued next day with  a stroll into Karmiel town-centre where Mayor Adi Eldar headed the carnival motorcade wearing a fez – the sort of felt hat beloved of the popular late British comedian, Tommy Cooper.

Now you  know the secret of a great Purim. We all swing  – ‘just like that’!


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