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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Why All’s Not Plain Sailing In Haifa

Our end-of-Passover outing to the National Maritime Museum in Haifa became a dreary disappointment today when the main door was shut in our faces at barely  1.00 p.m.

We felt cheated as neither website** we used to plan our trip from Karmiel advises that the premises would shut early so people may prepare for the final, non-working day of the festival, which begins tonight. Indeed, they give contradictory information about general opening hours and year-round ticket prices, etc..  Further, we were puzzled to see other visitors milling about outside the entrance. What were they doing there and why weren’t they sent away?

This is especially annoying as the Maritime Museum and the nearby Clandestine Immigration and Navy Museum  have been among attractions offering free entrance during Passover in a scheme sponsored by Bank Hapoalim as part of its social programme.

Luckily, the let-down came after a pleasant hour at the tranquil Baha'i Temple  and its gardens and an enjoyable day last week at the Haifa Educational Zoo. There we had fought for space on the crowded walkways and at the exhibitions with a huge spectrum of people including Moslem Arabs and ultra Orthodox Jews, helping to disprove the empty propaganda about so-called Israeli ‘apartheid’. Everyone may take advantage of the Jewish holidays here, no matter their faith and background.




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