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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Mazeltov! The Oldies ‘Re-Marriage’ Surprise

Today, I can reveal, I went to synagogue to celebrate my silver wedding anniversary and returned home after being ‘re-married’!

Kehilat.Hakerem.SynagogueIt happened at the Kehilat Hakerem Congregation in Karmiel, Galilee where my husband, Brian Fink and I have been members since emigrating from Manchester, England in March 2010.

We had decided to celebrate our special day with a kiddush (reception) following the Sabbath morning service in order to thank the community and various individuals for having made us feel so welcome since our aliya.

But what we thought would be a simple joint blessing during the Torah reading turned into a party when a prayer shawl was held over our heads like a wedding canopy  while some of our friends danced round us singing and others pelted us with sweets in traditional Middle Eastern style.

Now Brian and I have a big problem: Where do we go on honeymoon ….?


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