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Friday, 28 June 2013

Glastonbury – And All That Israeli Jazz!

If you haven’t made it to this year’s Glastonbury Music Festival in Somerset, England perhaps you’d care to change your plans and join American singer, Alicia Keys in Tel Aviv on Thursday next week. She’s due to perform there after withstanding a vicious BDS campaign aimed at stopping her from working in Israel. For her bravery alone, Israelis will surely love her at least as much as they adore Barbra Streisand.

Meanwhile in a turn of fate every bit as quirky as Glastonbury itself, the Israeli rock scene is being represented for the first time at the U.K. gig by no less than four acts, three of which are appearing on the Silver Haze stage.

AcollectiveSo put your hands together please for ‘Acollective’, a seven-piece band performing punk, folk and electronic jazz; ‘Saz’, a Palestinian rapper from Ramla, ‘3421’ and  Ethiopian soul singer Ester Rada.

Now audiences will have to learn the Hebrew for wellington boots  - magefei gomi gevoim. But you knew that, already. Of course!


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