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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Their Knickers Are In A twist About Israel!

After some weeks away from this site, it’s a pity that I must return  in high defence mode:

So:  Beware the Ides of March.

Look out for wolves in sheep’s clothing.

Be on your guard, moreover, for cowardly individuals using pseudonymous cross-gender titles on Twitter for the sole purpose of trying to frighten decent people who use their real names with their precious time and energy to fight a sincere online battle on behalf of Israel. They do not do it for self-aggrandisement.

As usual, our enemies - haven’t they got anything better to do? -include renegade fellow Jews and today I  refer specifically to a verbal cross-dresser who has harangued me thus twice in two days about the doughty  fellow  behind  the  excellent  site, ‘Israel  and’   (

“Daniella@thejewess: @natalieiwood FYI "Israel & stuff"site is not a reliable or secure site, the verified J.I.D.F. issued an alert:…”

This, of course, is arrant twaddle and less than 24 hours after I alerted Mr Phillip Pasmanick of ‘Israel and Stuff’ to what ‘Daniella’ had written, ‘she’ sent me a second, similar missive. I should – and am indeed desperate to - ignore these infantile tirades but I think this person needs to be exposed in order to stop them short.

I understand from more than one source that ‘Daniella’ is really one David Brodsky (also known as Appeltree – sic). I hope those who look after Mr Brodsky can cook better than he can spell or I predict a famished and a desperately lonely future for him.

Simon.CowellAll of this is almost poetically sadder on a day when we’ve learned that music entrepreneur Simon Cowell has donated about £150,000 to the American Friends of the IDF and that Welsh singer Sir Tom Jones has not only ignored online threats from anti-Israel activists about his trip to Israel but has added a second gig to his itinerary. He’ll now be appearing on Saturday 26 October and Monday 28 October. Three cheers for both of them!


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