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Monday, 1 September 2014

“Say ‘No’ to Yachad”!

Barry.ShawBarry Shaw is a Manchester-born Israel advocate who has lived in Netanya for many years.

Below I post without comment a letter he has circulated urging that the Board of Deputies of British Jews prevent Yachad U.K. – the self-styled ‘pro Israel, pro peace' group – from becoming a BoD member.

Accompanying his letter is  an ‘action plan’ urging recipients to lobby BoD members, synagogues and  other BoD affiliates to join the campaign:

Say ‘No!’ to Yachad!  Campaign

Yachad Logo

The Board of Deputies of British Jews is to vote to allow a Jewish group called Yachad into its ranks.

Last Yom HaZikaron and Independence Day, while Israelis and Jews worldwide were honouring the sacrifice of our fallen soldiers, Yachad held a conference in London hosting “Breaking the Silence” that calls our brave I.D.F. soldiers “war criminals’. This is the type of anti-Israel activity that Yachad embraces.

Hannah Weisfeld is the head of Yachad.  Like Nava Pillay, the infamous  head of the UN Human Rights Council, she sponsors actions calling Israel ‘war criminals’. Apparently, Pillay and Weisfeld share the same agenda.

On the day the BoD were to vote to  accept Yachad, Israel was at war against Palestinian Islamic terror in Gaza. It was the day we buried four of our brave soldiers who died in defence of Israel. It was the day that another seven, all members of the elite Golani Brigade, were killed.

The BoD decided to delay the vote.  The BoD must not be seen to be complicit in supporting a group that advocates the notion that the IDF and Israeli soldiers are criminals.

Yachad regularly defames Israel. It actively promotes anti-Israel tours to the territories. Its guide is the leader of ‘Breaking the Silence’, a radical Israeli fringe group.

Yachad says they oppose BDS but they also state they “do not support new investment inside the Israeli controlled West Bank, including in East Jerusalem.” So they do support BDS.

Yachad supports a Palestinian unity government and demands that Israel engages with Hamas.  Hamas just engaged with us. Well done, Yachad!

Like J Street in America, Yachad claims to be “pro-Israel”, even as they act against the Israel.

There are ways to peace and reconciliation. Turning people against Israel, as Yachad does, is not one of them.

Weisfeld falsely claims to represent “the silent majority” of British Jews. She doesn't. Instead, she represents a radical minority, totally rejected by Israeli society.

Yachad was rejected by the Zionist Federation who is aware of their true colours. Now she wants to speak in the name of the British Jewish community by entering into the Board of Deputies. This must not be allowed.

There should be no place within mainstream British Jewry for any Jewish group that demonises and delegitimises the Jewish State of Israel.

Instead of Yachad outlawing Israel, Yachad itself must be outlawed.

Contact your synagogues, Jewish organisations, and charities who are represented on the BoD. A list is attached.

Lobby your BoD representatives and demand that they totally reject the application of Yachad when it appears on the agenda of the Board of Deputies meeting.

Thank you for your support.

Barry Shaw,

“Say ‘No!’ to Yachad” Campaign. 

© Natalie Wood (01 September 2014)

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