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Monday, 20 October 2014

'Operation Protective Edge' - from the Eagle’s Nest!

ESRA Karmiel-Misgav Branch members are to be treated to an eagle-eyed account of this summer’s war in Gaza by a leading  political and military analyst.

 Elliot.ChodoffMajor Elliot Chodoff (Res), who specialises in the Middle East conflict and the global war on terrorism, has presented and published papers in leading newspapers and magazines including the Washington Times, National Post of Canada, The National Interest, National Review, and Front Page Magazine, along with numerous online news outlets. 

Chodoff is the founder and senior editor of MidEast: On Target, an e-journal and newsletter. He teaches and lectures on the topics of the Middle East Conflict; Terrorism and Responses; Military Thought and Strategy; The Military Aspects of International Conflict; Arab-Israeli Relations; the Sociology of Modern Israel and the History of Zionism.

A graduate of the Ramaz School in New York and the IDF Home Front Command Senior Commanders Course, he  currently serves as the Population Officer of IDF Northern Command and is writing a PhD dissertation in International Relations at the University of Haifa on the deterrence of terrorist organisations. 


US-born, Major Chodoff moved to Israel in 1983 and is a founding member of Eshchar, a community village in the Galilee, from where he works  as a licensed tour guide, leading educational tours throughout Israel.

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