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Sunday, 11 January 2015

A Right Rockin’ Read

The Rock and Roll Beers Keir Nathan ThomasI once worked for an accountancy firm whose male staff boasted they were Men Behaving Badly.

No surprise then that Danny Honeywell,  protagonist of The Rock & Roll Beers, is a student number cruncher wallowing in his glory days on the margins of 90s Britpop.

What’s more like the guys I knew, Danny and his mates in Diamond Head Crater skulk around parts of Stockport  near where I lived as a child, and still like them, although in their thirties, continue to act like pre-pubescent kids.

“’We’re four scruffy middle-aged blokes, some of whom have
inappropriately long hair,’ he says. ‘We play rock music. Our girlfriends come and support us. We’re a pub band. The only thing we’re missing is a fat woman playing the piano’”.

As I daren’t write a ‘spoiler’, I’ll just say that all this forms part of the background to a rip-roaring read by Keir Nathan Thomas, an award-winning magazine journalist and best-selling Kindle author, who pulls back the covers on the U.K. music biz with the ghoulish glee of small boys yanking the wings off flies. Echobelly.Insomniac.Cover

Thomas’s book is a fantastically earthy, often laugh out loud read that’s  great for the beach or the long, journeys that may get you there. Enjoy!

* The Rock & Roll Beers is available from Amazon at:

© Natalie Wood (January 11 2015)

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