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Saturday, 7 March 2015

‘Gaza Man’– the Video Game Teaching How to Maim and Kill

The video clip below is the launch trailer for Gaza Man, a terror and murder promoting game  that has been sold by both the Google Play Store  and the Amazon Appstore.

However, The Israel Project – the US-based Israel advocacy group has forced Google Play Store to remove it from its list and is now fighting for Amazon to follow suit.

Gaza Man, says TIP, “is nothing more than a tool to promote hatred, violence and the murder of Israeli soldiers among Palestinian youth”.

The TIP’s worst fears are borne out by the accompanying promotion material which states:

Gaza Man is more than just a game! It elevates the morale and the fighting spirit of its users. What the user experiences in the game can be translated from the virtual world of the game into the reality of his life in the Occupied Territories.

“This way, it helps to keep his will to achieve liberation alive, and helps to instil a deep dedication to the struggle against the occupier.

Gaza Man was designed to be fit for all ages, and to appeal to the dreams and aspirations of its users. During the game, the player is taken into various levels of difficulty, and is required to apply courage and wisdom in facing the obstacles in these levels. It tests his speed, his skills and his intelligence. The creators of the game aim to stimulate the spirit of resistance against injustice in the young generation, and considers Gaza Man to be its first effort towards attaining this goal”.

So the game is more proof of how young Palestinians are inculcated with hatred of Israel and Jews from their earliest years.

The link to the TIP petition is at:

© Natalie Wood (07 March 2015)

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